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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone. I hope that you have had good times with friends and family this holiday and that all of the turkey dinners turned out fine! Dont forget to watch your kids sugar consumption!



The End of the World?

The Mayans may have got it wrong, we are still here. I myself thought of it not as the end of the world, but the end of an era. People are generally becoming more aware, more awakened and not so all about themselves. Maybe there is hope yet that we will make this planet, our mother earth a better place for our kids and their kids. You know me and my infographics…..


The Correct 12 Days of Christmas


Hurricane Sandy and the New York Interpreter

Hurricane Sandy is making landfall near New York.

I am getting beset because I have read that all of Southern Ontario including Townsville is about to get the brunt of this hurricane that has two other storms feeding into it. I’m trying to find a channel on TV where i can get more information and I finally get to Global where they are saying that the monster storm is going to bring big winds and lots of rain.

And then, just when I need to know whats in store there is no captioning. It disappears.

I am discomfit. I need that information!

I can’t crank the television because my daughter is already in bed! My husband is in bed and he has to work in the morning! There is no one to tell me what they are saying!

I go closer to the tv hoping to try to read their lips and see if i can decipher any of the news. It’s too hard! I cant figure it out. Everything is garbled. I head to my laptop to see what I can find in the news on the web.

It’s really beginning to bug me. I really think Canada is way behind when it comes to urgent news events on the tube and elsewhere during storms or disasters. Unlike the USA, we have no VRS, no interpreters on TV, über crappy captioning that is garbled or doesn’t make sense 60 percent of the time. No warning or alerts in place and no ADA. You would not believe the barriers my son faces (more than I) on a daily basis.

Lots of stuff in print about the storm on the web and then I happened upon this:

Her name is Lydia Calas and as you have seen she is a sign language interpreter. You will very rarely see anything like this on Canadian TV during a disaster or otherwise. I applaud the Mayor for thinking of the deaf and hard of hearing during the storm.

From the Huffington post:

All eyes were on New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg as hurricane Sandy approached, but it was his sign language interpreter who stole the show.

Viewers went wild over Lydia Callis’ facial expressions and dramatic gesticulations (is that even a word???) during Bloomberg’s press conference Monday, turning her into an instant web sensation, complete with her own GIF-filled Tumblr.

“I love that lady,” wrote one commenter on the video of the presser uploaded to Youtube. “Stupid news is blocking her on TV so they can show footage of something. But this lady is amazing.”

Several outlets also reported her name as “Lydia Calas” — which has an unverified Twitter feed associated with it — but New York Magazine says she spells her name “Callis.” Whatever the spelling, her performance gave the public a pleasant moment during what might turn out to be among the most expensive natural disasters in U.S. history, with some estimates topping $20 billion. At least 33 people lost their lives during the storm, according to the Associated Press.

In the words of New York Magazine:

Unlike Bloomberg’s own stilted Spanish, another highlight of the updates, Callis’s signing is both lightning-fast and emotive, her animated face lighting up and contorting happily as she goes, not unlike a guitarist during a blistering solo.

And that is the truth.

It was so good to see someone was thinking ahead there. And now she is a celebrity.

And for the next storm I am going to be okay. My friend AC told me of two services I can get to notify my iPhone of important news and weather. I am already signed up.

10 Things You Should Not Refrigerate

Tell me if you agree?


I will be in the hospital for the next week having surgery. I should be up and around by the 9th and posting again.


Well folks, it looks as though I have lost alot of the content at Blogger. So I am adding some fresh content here. On a good note I have made everything easier by having, which of course you know and you’ve followed me here. I’m still getting to know the layout here so please be patient as I settle in. in the meantime enjoy the site! There’s lots to come.