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Delicate things in life….

Do you have a hobby or something that you do to relax? I crochet quite a bit but not just because I enjoy it. I like to make things for people that they can use and remember me by. i also like to make things I don’t have to pay top dollar for. Its less expensive sometimes to do it yourself with the exception of socks. Sock yarn is not cheap and it costs about 8 to 10 dollars to make a pair of adult socks (in Canada if you dont get the wool on sale). But the good thing about that is those socks last a long time, can be repaired and have nylon added to the heel. They are warmer and durable and they are not like the Walmart specials.

I made this hat and bootie set just to try my hand at it. I took photos in steps. Here it is.

Urban Jingle Slouchy Beanie

Since my daughter enlightened me on what a “beanie” is and is not, i have been trying different ways to make them. When we were kids, a beanie was just that: a beanie. Sort of like a baseball cap with no brim. |I found a really neat pattern at Ravelry that’s nice and fairly simple, but better yet, I found someone who made it and blogged it before me 🙂



Her name is Ami and here she is modelling the hat.



Since my new years resolution is to have more time to myself, I am going to get started on this hat right away. The pattern is free and can be found here:

A video tutorial on how to do the puff stitch can be found here:

And Ami’s blog can be found here:

Happy Crochet New Year!