Drink Yourself Skinny: The best Green Juices



You know the drill: “New Year, new you.” It sounds so easy, doesn’t it? Like you’re one juice cleanse away from the body you’ve always wanted. But for most of us, just as quickly as you choked down that beet juice, you’re back to your old routines.

It’s no secret that come January 1st, everyone will be on a quest for a better body. But this year, try something with a little staying power.

Cue the green juice.

Yes, it may seem the least appealing bottle of juice in a cleanse program—but it’s by far the most effective. And it’s a much easier change than embarking on a full-blown fast. Adding a green juice to your daily routine is a great way to eat cleaner and adopt a long-term healthy habit you’ll actually stick to.

We’ve done the hard part: taste-tested the major players out there and rounded up our favorites.






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