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Crock Pot Baked Potatoes

Today I am sharing a secret with all of you that I just recently discovered.  I wish I had learned about this a long time ago, or at least at the beginning of the summer.  So here is the secret – you can make baked potatoes in a crock pot!  I know, isn’t that cool.  It is so simple to do.

Make your own all purpose cleaner

I have been trying out home-made cleaning alternatives for the last year or so. I decided to try simply because we were on a limited budget and I hated spending $5 for an all purpose cleaner that smelled toxic.  A lot of my recipes were hit and miss from old books I encountered at my library, adding or swapping ingredients until I found something I liked and worked well for me.


I didnt want to just use amonia like my mom and vinegar on its own although good for disinfecting just smelled so raw. This is one that I found some where on an  email list. I have tried it with good results.

1/2 C. vinegar

1 tsp. borax

1 tsp. liquid soap (I use Sunlight or original Dawn dish detergent)

2 tsp. baking soda (for odor removing)

4 drops of your favorite essential oil (I use Lavender or Lemon Grass)

15 drops Tea Tree essential oil as an antibacterial-antimicrobial

Use a funnel to pour vinegar, borax, liquid soap and baking soda into empty spray bottle.  Be careful  when you add the baking soda as the mixture will foam up a bit.

Fill bottle with warm water to within 1″ of top.

Place  top on bottle and shake gently to mix.  Be sure to label the bottle.

I use this spray for all my general purpose cleaning in the kitchen and bathroom and to wipe up spills and do walls.